How Can I Help?

We are so incredibly thankful for all of our donors, whether you donate as an individual or through a corporation. Without your support, United Way would not be able to serve our community in the capacity that it does. From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!

If you would like to donate, please read the following options below:

IN-PERSON DONATION: You can drop by our office anytime between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday and give a donation. Our office address is 401 West Oak Street, Laurel, MS 39440. We are located in Downtown Laurel across the street from Pearl’s Diner. We accept cash, check, or credit/debit card.

MAILING A CHECK: You can mail us a check to this address: P.O. Box 2026, Laurel, MS 39442.

DONATING ON OUR WEBSITE: If you would like to donate on our website, click on the red DONATE button on our home screen. You will then be asked to enter your credit/debit card information.

DONATING THROUGH PAYPAL: You can donate directly to our PayPal account by clicking this link: (This link can also be found on our Facebook page, United Way of the Pine Belt Region.) OR Scan the QR Code:

DONATING OVER THE PHONE: If you would like to give us your credit/debit card information over the phone, call our office at 601-428-8459 during our business hours.

DONATING THROUGH YOUR EMPLOYER: Please fill out this form below and give it to your employer:

CAN’T DONATE? That’s okay! The flyer below lists some easy ways to support United Way:

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Our brochure tells more about United Way of the Pine Belt Region and our partner agencies. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 601-428-8459.